Friday, May 22, 2009

Siiri and Lauren's Memorial Day list of things we can't stand: Part 1

  1. Puking
  2. Fingernails down the chalkboard/knife on plate
  3. Teeth on fork dragging noise
  4. Socks with sandles
  5. Men with ponytails
  6. Bald men with lower hair ponytails
  7. Bumber stickers
  8. DB's that wear sunglasses at night or inside
  9. Fannypacks
  10. Patchwork leather jackets
  11. Inappropriate shoe:clothing match-up (ie.: suit with tennis shoes)
  12. Topless, sweaty lawn mowing beer bellies
  13. People that walk down the street while smoking
  14. Misdialled fax machines screaming in my ear
  15. People that throw away something recycleable, when the recycling bin is RIGHT next to the trash can
  16. Rats
  17. Bumbin' base in a car that is so loud, when they pull up next to me at a stop light, my ear drums burn in vibration
  18. Ill manicured facial hair
  19. Long toenails
  20. People that don't wave "thank you" after you let them merge in front of you

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