Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pain is: squeeky metal hollywood bedframe

Get out of my face with your stupid, ugly, loud and dumb bed frame.

I have a dumb Hollywood frame for my bed, and so does Paul. Yes, it beats having it on the ground, but by such a small margin that I can't even show you with my fingers.
I have been searching for the perfect bed frames, one for the condo: manly, urban, and most importantly Paul proof*, and a pretty one for my house.

I am still searching. There was a close call, but then I figured he'd be able to somehow break it, just by looking at it. So I decided against it. He's like the Chuck Norris of furniture.

If anyone has any ideas, please dump them in my lap, before my skull collapses from lack of good bed options.

In other news, my bed can be pretty, and made of anything short of tissue paper or toothpicks. I have been debating bed concepts for a while, but basically I'm stuck between a white canopy bed, or a sleigh bed, or an old wrought iron bed. (BTW: so sick of people misspelling that word on Craigslist).

I have not even found a picture that would come close to describing this for you, but I'm sure you have an imagination. So get to work, mommy's tired.

Help me before I make one. We don't need another project around my house.

*"Paul proof" is a term I have created to mean: indestructable, unbreakable, made of nuclear strength metal, must crush with a the power of a thousand anvils in order to dent.

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