Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Since Seattle has decided to stick with Winter until Summer finally pushes through, I'm sticking with warm tea and comforting blueberry bread this morning. Here you'll see two of my favorite things: a mug from a tea set that Ziggs (my college friend) got me for a birthday a couple years ago, and my tea pot given to me by my dad for Chirstmas this past year. I love them so much.

The mug is the perfect thinness to drink from, and I love watching the tea infuse into the hot water.

What you can't see in this picture is my fabulous hour glass, which is actually a 35 minute glass, but who's counting.....(sorry, bad pun).

That precious find was from Revival Home and Garden, in Georgetown, here in Seattle. (Leah at Revival has become a new design and decor friend of mine, and you can check out her store and blog here:


  1. Seriously, what is the deal with the weather lately?? I'm sitting here in front of the fireplace with three layers on!

  2. I'm jealous! You're sitting at home by the fireplace while the rest of us are stuck working at non-home offices! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Maybe I'll go on symbolic strike! (where I just think about being on strike, but keep my job).

  3. Thanks for the props, Siiri! Love your new blog...although now I have another one to read! I'm so behind already.