Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Decorate your face - with powdered sugar

Okay, this is a quick one, to be followed up later with pictorial evidence. so stay tuned.

Recently, I was catching up on a food blog I love, Herbivoracious (please check out Michael's blog, he's a fellow foodie and Seattlite and we swap food info). He posted a great post (with pictures) about what he calls Dutchbabies.

Of course I had to correct him by saying that when we were growing up, we had them on special sundays, but they're called Baby Dutchmen! (duh! although I have to admit, even my Uncle Jeff said he thought they were Dutchbabies. This will make more sense further down the post).

So I told Michael (@ Herbavoracious - keep up!) that I would share with him my recipe, that my mom gave me years ago when I moved out on my own, and that I'd try to make it gluten free. He has a partial gluten free audience, and Paul is gluten free, so I thought "yay! Experient time!!!!"

Well, the road to H#@$ is paved with good intentions, no?

I have not yet made my version, but I did get back to Michael with the recipe, which I will now share with you:

1/3 c. butter - melt in pan (like glass pie plate)
4 eggs
1c. milk
1c. flour

mix eggs in blender for one minute; add milk and flour and blend till mixed.

pour batter into pie pan which has melted butter in it and bake in 425 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.

this batter makes two babies, so split the batter before pouring it into your pan.

My mom's note is that it's my Uncle Jeff's recipe. He's my mom's little brother, who lives in his Eastlake (let-me-drool-all-over-your-perfect-house)home with his FAB girlfriend, my aunt, Lisa.

I had dinner with him this Sunday (perfect BBQ in Seattle Sunday) and he said it's from an old friend of his....so who knows the origin. Isn't that the best anyway?!?!?


So you see, all these years we were calling them Baby Dutchmen in our house, when the guy that gave my mom the recipe says he calls them Dutchbabies. So who knows!

It doesn't affect the taste one bit! (or one bite!)

Just for fun, I've scanned in the picture of the paper my mom wrote the recipe on for me, because it's an old stationary pad from her mom, when she used to be a professional secretary back in the day. I just love this pad of paper, and have seen this paper since I could even remember my own name. I think she got like 20 cases of it, because my grandparents are no longer with us (since 2001) and we're STILL using pads of this paper! HA!


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  1. Love these... they are baby dutchmen to me, and sooooo delicious!