Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Plane Jane: who knew?!?!?!

This is a Seattle area specific post, so sorry to those of you to whom this does not apply, but if you ever come to visit, I'll make sure I tell you how to get there.
This past Sunday (Mother's Day of course), Paul and I were at his parent's house for brunch. My mom and her husband also came out for brunch, so we had a 2 mom situation. :)

Paul and I really couldn't figure out what to get either of them, but luckily Mark (Paul's younger brother) had already taken care of a present for their mom, from us kids. Paul and I decided to hit up the local QFC for some flowers at least. So we headed down to the neighborhood shopping plaza, in Klahani (an area of Issaquah, which is a suburb of Seattle).

(this picture is old, because of course it's from their website, and what's in stock now is super cute, and I want one of everything!)

As we are pulling up (mind you I've been to this grocery store many times over the past 4 years) I noticed a cute little store just to the left, called Plane Jane. It's front doors were open, and I thought, "hmmmmm, I don't remember seeing that place before, I wonder if it's new?" and then I realized they had all sorts of cute clothes and accessories inside. So I said, "honey, let's pop in here real quick, just to see if they have anything."

I was very cautious to get anything, because my mom is basically the queen of jewelry and has everything and more that she could ever possibly wear. (I think if she wore a different piece every day, she could go almost a year without skipping a beat).

But as soon as I walked in, I saw this great gold chain necklace that SCREAMED my mom's name (for those of you who know her, and are my college girlfriends, you know her as the Naaaan-DA, or "the Nons").

So for $50.00 plus tax, we got her this really cute, long necklace that she says she can already wear a few different ways! sweet! (and it's cute, so I can totes borrow it!)

The owner, Naoko Vaughn, is really nice, and we liked what we saw, although we were on the run, so I really have to go back and explore more! Plus, it's next door to a coffee shop, and a nail salon and a spa, so this is the makings of a great girls trip! Woo hoo!

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