Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Half Cup

Hello decor world, please buckle your seat belts, because I finally got my food blog up and running. That's right. It might not pertain to you, interest you, or tempt you in the least.....but on the off chance you eat, cook, or do dishs (does that cover everyone?) you might want to take a peek.

In the coming weeks, months and (god willing) years, I hope to take the "WORK" out of being in the kitchen, and put the skip in the step of all those who don't feel like they know what they're doing in the kitchen.
My philosophy is that when I cook, I really don't need to do much - let the food speak for itself, use simple preperation, and follow my instinct. Recipes and 5 course meals are for special ocassions, and there will be some along the way.
But lets start talking about how we cook each day, how we avoid doing dishes, and how we make 1 hour on a Sunday last for 4 meals over a full week.
If something doesn't taste so good while cooking, I just get out my half cup measure, and add whatever seems right. What that is differs every day, so dust off your Chanel apron (the one you had custom made to match the Chanel linens you inherited from your Gran), and come on over to A Half Cup. Coffee's on.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

WHAT is wrong with me?!?!?!?!

That is a REALLY good question, and frankly, one that would take wayyyyyyyyyy more time and energy than I think any of us really care to devote to answering.

However, there is, as my mother would say, "a reader's digest version."

Let me clarify: when I ask "What is wrong with me?" I mean "WHY have I not posted anything in a month and a half?"

The answer?

I have no idea. I think I got lazy reading everyone else's and was like "eh, that'll do." But I was so lazy I couldn't even point you here, here or even here....which is basically like oxygen to me.

I'm really sorry. Please forgive me. Also, I work, right? so there's that...... (you're not buying that excuse, are you?)

So here's a promise: I promise that I will post more frequently, unless something better, I mean, urgent (like watching everything I've Tivo'd in the past 6 months) comes up. Heh.

But really, there have been some great things going on out there that you should see. So in the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some awesome projects I've seen.

Also, I know I told you about all those projects I had started myself. Let's be honest: I have not started a single one of them. So sue me. Okay, please don't sue me. Now that the weather is getting craptastical, the "summer dining room" that was our carport is coming down, till next year, which means I'll have a work space to attempt doing some of this crap in, until the snow catches up with me (God willing, right?)

[NOTE TO SELF: go buy chains this weekend at Wal Mart while in Lake Chelan]

[QUESTION TO SELF: can I use chains with my Ford Explorer? I have 4 wheel drive, but we know what happened last year when I really depended on it: Sergio crapped out on me - Sergio is my black Ford Explorer. I will have to ask about using chains and 4 wheel drive]

Okay, right, so back to decorating stuff. Ummmmm, where were we? Right, I promise to work on my projects. I've got the following to do:

-strip and refinish that office chair I got for Paul, even though he told me he doesn't want it - even without seeing it, or letting me give a description

-strip and stain or paint cute entryway table I got on Freecycle (currently Barney purple with broken top)

-cover and fix elementary school cabinet that was supposed to be our china hutch that I've had for over a year, which houses a bunch of crap we don't want people to see. (yeah, cuz the sunshine yellow and orange doors and sides are totally camo)

-Store all my summer clothes (um, I didn't even take them out of storage, so why are they all over my bedroom floor?)

-Knit everything in sight:

-puff ball ottoman

-hat for Paul

-scarf I started 4 years ago, seriously, I'm not joking

-water bottle cover

-hat for little Jackson (our friends' newborn)

-Take a picture of Emily and I and put it in a damn frame once and for all (we have many empty frames all over the house, it's weird.)

-Buy a house.

Okay so that wraps it up!

WHAT?! Oh, you saw that last one? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Well, I've been himming and hawing for a year or so now, and I think it's really time for me to get serious about it. I think I'm one of those people that is in a situation to be able to buy, and if the price is right and the project looks good......you know what I always say! "I'll start that this weekend"

Oh! Also, one last note: I'll try to take pictures of Chelan this weekend to show you and gush over when I return, AND I am attempting to start my long overdue food blog, so if you have any name suggestions, I'm all ears people!