Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Last Friday of summer

Not to be a total Debbie Downer, but seriously, sad face, right?

So I thought I'd post some things that make me happy, and will make YOU happy:

Dino does Bainbridge. This was when we were puppysitting for Akash and Marissa. What a fun time!

St. Patty's Day Ri-guy. So precious!

Tiny Thatcher-poo. So good! Such a good pup!

My favorite: fudgesicle Ri-guy. I think this was his first one ever, and if I recall from Kate's blog post, he wasn't too pleased when she wouldn't let him have the whole thing. :) Shocker.

Okay, so I hope this cheers you up! It did for me, just as I was posting! We've got a big wedding this weekend, and we'll be all dressed up! I'll be sure to take fun decor related pictures of the venue, etc. (and clearly some pictures that are not decor related, but will be entertaining to say the least!)

Happy weekend,


Project 1: Part 2, this office doesn't suck anymore, but still, it needs some help!

I was just commenting on my Kat-mom's blog, When Girl Meets Science, because she had a post about a cute desk Kat wanted, and then I realized it's the desk that I installed in Paul's condo. So I went to send her the post about the before and after of the new desk situation and realized that I hadn't posted those pictures! Shame on me! So I popped in the disc that the pictures were on, only THEY WERE NOT THERE, BECAUSE I'M A FREAK AND DELETED THEM WITHOUT SAVING. way to go, Sampson, way to go.

So, continue to stay tuned, I must take pictures again, which means I'll have to clean that area up and pretend it's always clean, and take some good angle shots.

I promise to do it for real this time. Sorry.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

HomeGoods StyleScope - I'm a Bohemian Casual

HomeGoods StyleScope - I'm a Bohemian Casual

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Yet again, another great find from the fabbies over at Design*Sponge. The whole site is really fun, and I'm in the process of going through it, so expect more fun info in the near future.

Also, I successfully picked up the entry way table and the chair from the Mercer Island guy yesterday, and can't wait to paint them!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer/Fall DIY projects

Okay, so it's almost fall, and I have not yet painted the picnic table, even though the asparagus paint is sitting there waiting to be used! What's wrong with me? Well, I've been enjoying the Seattle summer! Who can blame me? It's been a glorious summer here, spotted with the occasional rain shower, like today.

I don't mind, it keeps things here clean!

One of my new favorite things has lead to TWO new pieces in my life that I can't wait to make over. The new favorite thing? Seattle Freecycle! WHAT? It's the best thing ever. Imagine the free section on Craigslist, but they email you the items so you don't have to go looking and you can choose what to take based on your neighborhood. And, best of all, EVERYTHING IS FREE!

"Our mission is to build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community."

Bring it on.

The first new item, I'm picking up tomorrow after work is this sad little chair with mucho potential, from a fellow in Mercer Island. This is going to get a high gloss white paint job, with a sturdy and washable cushion (made from outdoor material). This is going to be Paul's new desk chair at the condo. I really think he's going to love it! It'll have a manly touch, but with old school class. Use your imagination, and stay tuned!

The second new item, also from the Mercer Island man, is this funky little side table. It's going to get a make over too, but not sure what color yet. It's going in our entry way at the Yakima house. I'm thinking white for now, just because the space is small, and I want to have the storage/keys/mail etc. drop but without losing visual space.

Okay, so I'm picking those up after work tomorrow, and taking them to my house so they can sit in the carport with the picnic table while I wait for a free day where I can paint them (I'm thinking this Sunday!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I was right, plus, then there were two!

Okay, so first, I get to say: I WAS RIGHT! about getting the Patricia Fields gloves for my birthday, and what's better? Even though usually when I get something like this that's even moderately fashion forward, Paul sometimes gives me the "what the hell is that?" look....or worse, we're watching something fashion related on TV and he'll say "God, that's ugly/awful/hideous." But this time he saw the gloves on my hands and said, "that's hot."
So SCORE, we both like them! Important since he bought them and will be seeing them on my hands ALL WINTER (which we all know lasts September to May here in Seattle).

Then, I scored another AWESOME bed frame on Craigslist (*heart*) for the condo this time.

It's a first cousin of the one I bought for my place, but with even better lines:

That's right, it's the Heimdal Queen sized bed from Ikea. And here's why it's so great:

1. minimal design, means it's pretty versatile

2. square headboard shape means I can make seasonal slipcovers for it

3. low footboard profile keeps the small room in the condo feeling pretty open still, won't tick Paul off

4. low footboard height won't bang Paul's feet since they hang off the end of the bed

5. metal finish is durable (paul proof), and slightly manly, so he won't feel like I'm "girling up the place" (not his words)

Stay tuned for before and after pictures

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

YAY! So excting. NOT.

I was not jazzed to turn another year older, but my peeps pulled through:

-my coworker, boyfriend and sister conspired, and got my sister to surprise me with Riley Bruce for lunch on my birthday. I was SO SURPRISED! What a great way to spend my day!!!!! Thanks to Kate, Paul and Lauren!

-Paul took me to Crow. SO GREAT. go now. I'll wait.

-Kate, Nathan and Riley got me my ever-sought-after game: Hungry Hungry Hippos

-Paul got me Twist and Spout, a great hat, and a mystery gift that hasn't shown up yet, but I'm pretty sure it's this.

-Lauren got me Cafe Du Monde from New Orleans.

-My coworkers surprised me with a birthday gathering complete with singing, candles a card and cupcakes from New York Cupcakes.

Many numerous birthday wishes were sent my way.

All in all, a great day, minus the rain.

Thanks to all, it was a good one to remember. :)

Oh.Dear.God. Buy me this NOW

Thanks again to the fabbies over at Design*Sponge, I found my new dream home, and it's in Brooklyn. Suitors, please line up according to pocket book size and handsomeness, and be ready to move here:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bring the outdoors in, and bring it all together

Grace over at Design*Sponge just did a great DIY post on some homemade botanical prints, and I had to share it with you because I just really love them, and if you have empty frames laying around at home like I do, then it's time to GET CRACKIN' and put them to use.
Best thing of all? It's free if you have the frames already and it's so satisfying and very little actual work involved.


Stop stalking me, Sunset Mag!

Sunset magazine seems to be stalking me and my summer ideas.

I just showed you my top faves of their out door dining rooms, and now they're showing lanterns you can, anyone think that's a familiar concept they've seen here at Decorazzi this summer? yeah, thought so.

Whatever, I'm no hater, I love some of the takes they have on summer lanterns, so enjoy!

Cute cluster. Me likey!
Then you can mod podge some tissue paper on the outside and create stained glass versions, great embellishment idea for the advanced crafter (easy to do, hard to make look good).

Sunset's version of MY lanterns. :)

Chandelier of mason jars. I would like to see this at night to decide if I really like it.

Tasty outdoor dining rooms

Oh baby! So the heat has finally subsided for a week or so here in Seattle, and with it comes my yearning for another steamy summer night that we can all spend in my outdoor dining room. And I guess I'm not the only one that's been feeling this way. Sunset Magazine online just published 20 hot hot HOT summer outdoor dining rooms. So I ask you, which came first, the Decorazzi, or the Egg, er, Sunset Mag?

Okay, I'll shut up now, here's the goods kids:

This is obvi my speed, with the same rustic take on the picnic table...which for me has seats that are too rough, so I'll need to work on that!

Modern, with a touch of throw back in the chairs, and loving the industrial edge with the wall.

This is TOTALLY my kind of garden of eatin' (sorry the play on words is bad, I know). Love the slightly mossy wall and fountain.

So chic and eco-friendly too.

Love the seamlessness of the indoor/outdoor transition.

This is perfect for a dinner party that ends up having more guests than you thought! You can send the overflow outdoors, or round up another table and table cloth (or in my house, we use patterned bed flat sheets, no one ever can tell!

This is very romantic. I can already see a good "triple dinner date" at a friends house, with spicy morracan (sp?) food and sultry Ella and Etta on in the background as we eat our honey lavander ice cream and watch the fire flies (not that we have them in the NW, but a girl can dream).

Perfect, for a quiet evening for two, listening to the frogs as the sun goes down and the moon comes up.

These are some good seating options I can get behind. Get it? Behind? sorry.

Great for a day at the home spa with your favorite friends, sipping bellinis and swapping gossip.

This feels like a Spanish garden in the middle of Seville. No one knows it's there, but you and your friends. You're in the heart of it all, but completely secluded!