Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tasty outdoor dining rooms

Oh baby! So the heat has finally subsided for a week or so here in Seattle, and with it comes my yearning for another steamy summer night that we can all spend in my outdoor dining room. And I guess I'm not the only one that's been feeling this way. Sunset Magazine online just published 20 hot hot HOT summer outdoor dining rooms. So I ask you, which came first, the Decorazzi, or the Egg, er, Sunset Mag?

Okay, I'll shut up now, here's the goods kids:

This is obvi my speed, with the same rustic take on the picnic table...which for me has seats that are too rough, so I'll need to work on that!

Modern, with a touch of throw back in the chairs, and loving the industrial edge with the wall.

This is TOTALLY my kind of garden of eatin' (sorry the play on words is bad, I know). Love the slightly mossy wall and fountain.

So chic and eco-friendly too.

Love the seamlessness of the indoor/outdoor transition.

This is perfect for a dinner party that ends up having more guests than you thought! You can send the overflow outdoors, or round up another table and table cloth (or in my house, we use patterned bed flat sheets, no one ever can tell!

This is very romantic. I can already see a good "triple dinner date" at a friends house, with spicy morracan (sp?) food and sultry Ella and Etta on in the background as we eat our honey lavander ice cream and watch the fire flies (not that we have them in the NW, but a girl can dream).

Perfect, for a quiet evening for two, listening to the frogs as the sun goes down and the moon comes up.

These are some good seating options I can get behind. Get it? Behind? sorry.

Great for a day at the home spa with your favorite friends, sipping bellinis and swapping gossip.

This feels like a Spanish garden in the middle of Seville. No one knows it's there, but you and your friends. You're in the heart of it all, but completely secluded!

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