Thursday, July 23, 2009

EXTRA EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Tablesetting competition!

Okay, I can barely even type this, I'm so excited. And I'll ellaborate more later, but I just found out that my favorite local (Seattle) based tablewares design firm, Rosana Inc., is putting on their 3rd annual Tablesetting design competition.

Here's the link to Rosana's blog (Which I just found today and am peeing my pants over), and the rules for the contest. I'll be submitting mine, but must take some careful consideration as to the theme and execution, and will most definitely be enlisting the help of my super secret decor mavens: my florist sister, Kate,

(seen here with the ever precious Riley)

and everyone's favorite gay, Adam, aka Poods.

(Which you remember from my recent project of redoing Paul's office...stay tuned for another update and post on that)

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