Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yum and awesome

Okay, so I'm in week 3 of my "Couch to 5K" running program, and it's going really well. And of course I'm doing my best to eat well, without killing myself. Over the long weekend, I kept my alcohol intake to 1 glass of wine, and 1 mimosa. Not bad for 4 days at the beach. I also only had 4 onion rings and 1/2 a raspberry shake when we hit up the classic Lakeview Drive In (which is a tradition, and far be it for me to stand in the way of tradition).

So this week, I'm working really hard to keep the momentum going. I went to Safeway today for lunch, to grab a bag salad. You may have seen their new-ish brand, Eating Right. They have really got the basics down, and now have some fun snacks that are not at all bad for you.

So I grabbed a bag of the awesome (and my new favorite snack of summer) Sour Cream and Onion Soy Crisps.

Oh god, are they good! You can have 17 of the delicious and tasty rounds, for a mere 110 calories! WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?! I know, right?!?!?!

And, what's even better is that there's 7 grams of protein in each serving, and only 15 grams of carbohydrates. Plus, you're getting the obvious benefit of the soy, with only 3 grams of fat.


They have like 5 flavors, but so far I've only got the sour cream and onion.

Oh yeah, there's also 2 grams of fiber. and they're only like $2.19 a bag. and there's 3.5 servings per bag.

Suck it, chips, I'm dating someone new, maybe you're heard of him, his name is Soy Crisps.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't punch me in the neck with these, please.

So, I might have to get the following to match that rad coffee cup I showed you last week.

Here's my thought: I use the brass knuckle coffee cup in the morning, in case someone tries to talk to me before I've had a cup. ( you remember, I'll neck punch them, then get a cup of joe to really start the morning off right) and then I'll use this brass knuckle wine opener for those days when I have a bad day and really want to enjoy a glass of wine after work with my roommate (in this instance, I'll protect myself from any further infuriating conversations on the way to the wine bottle by fending off potential haters with corkscrew)

I know this seems harsh, but hey, I'm not the one who made it. I'm just capitalizing on someone elses awesomeness.
Big thanks to the kids at SeeSaw Designs for posting this piece of great work.

get your SLAW together!

Or salad. whatever.

I was catching up on my 40+ blogs that I follow (what?!) and came across a great little artcle that led me to "The best salad name" (check out Cheap, Healthy, Good).

Had to share:

bowlful of chlorophyll and awesomeness which you can get the recipe from as well, thanks to Apartment Therapy, which I dually love alongside the rest of by blog obsessions.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Siiri and Lauren's Memorial Day list of things we can't stand: Part 1

  1. Puking
  2. Fingernails down the chalkboard/knife on plate
  3. Teeth on fork dragging noise
  4. Socks with sandles
  5. Men with ponytails
  6. Bald men with lower hair ponytails
  7. Bumber stickers
  8. DB's that wear sunglasses at night or inside
  9. Fannypacks
  10. Patchwork leather jackets
  11. Inappropriate shoe:clothing match-up (ie.: suit with tennis shoes)
  12. Topless, sweaty lawn mowing beer bellies
  13. People that walk down the street while smoking
  14. Misdialled fax machines screaming in my ear
  15. People that throw away something recycleable, when the recycling bin is RIGHT next to the trash can
  16. Rats
  17. Bumbin' base in a car that is so loud, when they pull up next to me at a stop light, my ear drums burn in vibration
  18. Ill manicured facial hair
  19. Long toenails
  20. People that don't wave "thank you" after you let them merge in front of you

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And another thing!

So in my house and at the condo, we have doors that sometimes need stopping! Like when we come back from Costco with arm loads of stuff, and we're running between the car and the lobby, then the lobby and the elevator, then the elevator and the hallway, and finally the hallway and the front door of the unit. (Phew! I'm out of breath just thinking about it!) These "Tube" door stops would be great for that, because they'll hold any door, they're small so I can put them in my car, purse or pocket, when needed, and they're COLORFUL so you wouldn't forget you put it there (unlike those ulgy old doorstops you remember from Sunday School, libraries or hospitals).

Then, for the screen door at the house, and other party like situations, I'd want something more design oriented, that is a bit whimsicle (sp? sorry), and old school, to fit with my eccletic style:

Like this hot little number, from Design Within Reach (or without reach, God, who's paying $100 for a doorstop again? remind me of where they live, so I can go steal this from their rich front porch).

I'm making that knot myself, and I'm doing it this weekend, with the help of my Eagle Scout boyfriend, and handyman brother in law. (Sorry guys, you're knot off the hook this weekend! ha Ha, get it? know? hook? yeah....................)

This would do nicely.

I just saw this fab French industrial book case that I could SO easily repro on my own.
I was reviewing the extensive and wonderful "book storage roundup" which is offered by Design*Sponge, but I was referred by Jamie over at i suwanee.

This could be a cool alternative to Paul's condo book storage, and it could go behind the chair I want to put there (for additional company seating). And since it has massive casters, it would build consistency with the desk I'm going to build (that drafting table I have, but I'm going to replace the saw horses with HON 2-drawer filing cabinets with commercial casters on the bottom for height and mobility, and of course a bit of manliness.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'll punch your lights out. If you don't give me coffee.

Funny but true, if I'm in a grumpy morning mood, (which only happens on mornings where I wake up, so that's only 100% of the time really), I need a steaming cup with cream and sugar.
And now I can have a mug that says that, without necessitating me either:

1. talking to you
2. punching you in the face
Thanks, Karich Design.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pain is: squeeky metal hollywood bedframe

Get out of my face with your stupid, ugly, loud and dumb bed frame.

I have a dumb Hollywood frame for my bed, and so does Paul. Yes, it beats having it on the ground, but by such a small margin that I can't even show you with my fingers.
I have been searching for the perfect bed frames, one for the condo: manly, urban, and most importantly Paul proof*, and a pretty one for my house.

I am still searching. There was a close call, but then I figured he'd be able to somehow break it, just by looking at it. So I decided against it. He's like the Chuck Norris of furniture.

If anyone has any ideas, please dump them in my lap, before my skull collapses from lack of good bed options.

In other news, my bed can be pretty, and made of anything short of tissue paper or toothpicks. I have been debating bed concepts for a while, but basically I'm stuck between a white canopy bed, or a sleigh bed, or an old wrought iron bed. (BTW: so sick of people misspelling that word on Craigslist).

I have not even found a picture that would come close to describing this for you, but I'm sure you have an imagination. So get to work, mommy's tired.

Help me before I make one. We don't need another project around my house.

*"Paul proof" is a term I have created to mean: indestructable, unbreakable, made of nuclear strength metal, must crush with a the power of a thousand anvils in order to dent.

You're Welcome

You need to know about this:

Because of this, this and this.

You're welcome.

Decorate your face - with powdered sugar

Okay, this is a quick one, to be followed up later with pictorial evidence. so stay tuned.

Recently, I was catching up on a food blog I love, Herbivoracious (please check out Michael's blog, he's a fellow foodie and Seattlite and we swap food info). He posted a great post (with pictures) about what he calls Dutchbabies.

Of course I had to correct him by saying that when we were growing up, we had them on special sundays, but they're called Baby Dutchmen! (duh! although I have to admit, even my Uncle Jeff said he thought they were Dutchbabies. This will make more sense further down the post).

So I told Michael (@ Herbavoracious - keep up!) that I would share with him my recipe, that my mom gave me years ago when I moved out on my own, and that I'd try to make it gluten free. He has a partial gluten free audience, and Paul is gluten free, so I thought "yay! Experient time!!!!"

Well, the road to H#@$ is paved with good intentions, no?

I have not yet made my version, but I did get back to Michael with the recipe, which I will now share with you:

1/3 c. butter - melt in pan (like glass pie plate)
4 eggs
1c. milk
1c. flour

mix eggs in blender for one minute; add milk and flour and blend till mixed.

pour batter into pie pan which has melted butter in it and bake in 425 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.

this batter makes two babies, so split the batter before pouring it into your pan.

My mom's note is that it's my Uncle Jeff's recipe. He's my mom's little brother, who lives in his Eastlake (let-me-drool-all-over-your-perfect-house)home with his FAB girlfriend, my aunt, Lisa.

I had dinner with him this Sunday (perfect BBQ in Seattle Sunday) and he said it's from an old friend of who knows the origin. Isn't that the best anyway?!?!?


So you see, all these years we were calling them Baby Dutchmen in our house, when the guy that gave my mom the recipe says he calls them Dutchbabies. So who knows!

It doesn't affect the taste one bit! (or one bite!)

Just for fun, I've scanned in the picture of the paper my mom wrote the recipe on for me, because it's an old stationary pad from her mom, when she used to be a professional secretary back in the day. I just love this pad of paper, and have seen this paper since I could even remember my own name. I think she got like 20 cases of it, because my grandparents are no longer with us (since 2001) and we're STILL using pads of this paper! HA!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Since Seattle has decided to stick with Winter until Summer finally pushes through, I'm sticking with warm tea and comforting blueberry bread this morning. Here you'll see two of my favorite things: a mug from a tea set that Ziggs (my college friend) got me for a birthday a couple years ago, and my tea pot given to me by my dad for Chirstmas this past year. I love them so much.

The mug is the perfect thinness to drink from, and I love watching the tea infuse into the hot water.

What you can't see in this picture is my fabulous hour glass, which is actually a 35 minute glass, but who's counting.....(sorry, bad pun).

That precious find was from Revival Home and Garden, in Georgetown, here in Seattle. (Leah at Revival has become a new design and decor friend of mine, and you can check out her store and blog here:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Plane Jane: who knew?!?!?!

This is a Seattle area specific post, so sorry to those of you to whom this does not apply, but if you ever come to visit, I'll make sure I tell you how to get there.
This past Sunday (Mother's Day of course), Paul and I were at his parent's house for brunch. My mom and her husband also came out for brunch, so we had a 2 mom situation. :)

Paul and I really couldn't figure out what to get either of them, but luckily Mark (Paul's younger brother) had already taken care of a present for their mom, from us kids. Paul and I decided to hit up the local QFC for some flowers at least. So we headed down to the neighborhood shopping plaza, in Klahani (an area of Issaquah, which is a suburb of Seattle).

(this picture is old, because of course it's from their website, and what's in stock now is super cute, and I want one of everything!)

As we are pulling up (mind you I've been to this grocery store many times over the past 4 years) I noticed a cute little store just to the left, called Plane Jane. It's front doors were open, and I thought, "hmmmmm, I don't remember seeing that place before, I wonder if it's new?" and then I realized they had all sorts of cute clothes and accessories inside. So I said, "honey, let's pop in here real quick, just to see if they have anything."

I was very cautious to get anything, because my mom is basically the queen of jewelry and has everything and more that she could ever possibly wear. (I think if she wore a different piece every day, she could go almost a year without skipping a beat).

But as soon as I walked in, I saw this great gold chain necklace that SCREAMED my mom's name (for those of you who know her, and are my college girlfriends, you know her as the Naaaan-DA, or "the Nons").

So for $50.00 plus tax, we got her this really cute, long necklace that she says she can already wear a few different ways! sweet! (and it's cute, so I can totes borrow it!)

The owner, Naoko Vaughn, is really nice, and we liked what we saw, although we were on the run, so I really have to go back and explore more! Plus, it's next door to a coffee shop, and a nail salon and a spa, so this is the makings of a great girls trip! Woo hoo!

Follow Up: I think I can, I think I can

Hey there,

So, I have a couple of pictures, but........................they're not the best. One is fuzzy, and neither really shows the hat. So sorry, but maybe there'll be another opportunity to wear it, or maybe I'll get annoyed enough and retake the pictures later.
Either way, here's how it sat on my head (PS: my hair didn't go so well, but them's the breaks)

I like 'em thin!

My coffee cups, not my men!

I am sitting here drinking room temp tea (just the way I like it) out of this coffee mug from Target (it's white, plain, but I like it). However the thickness of the mug is so thick that sometimes I end up spilling or dribbling! YUCK! (not the way I like it!)

I find that women prefer thinner edges and men prefer thicker least in my non-scientific sample which consists of me, Paul (the BF), my sister, her husband, my mom and her husband, and my dad.

What do you think? Thin, thick, or just don't care, skip the mug and hit me up with the IV?
(we all have those days!)

And if you're like me, love the thin ones, and are in the market, might I suggest the best darn thing since sliced bread - in the mug world that is.
Here's my latest obsession from Rosanna:

(Initally Yours from RosannaInc., a local Seattle tablewares maven)
Of course I would get the S for me and the P for Paul and the E for Emily...the list could go on. I just LOVE them.

I also have already received this fabulous set, but have yet to break it out (special occassions only, you know):

(Rococo Noir tea set from RosannaInc.)

I have the tea pot, as well as the cream and sugar set. Paul's wonderful parents, Marija and Piotr got this for me for Christmas this past year, and I could not be happier with it!

Me thinks it's time for a girls night! HA! (*shuffles off* time to plan a girls night in!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

I think I can, I think I can!

So, this weekend I'm going to a wedding shower for a friend of Paul's (she's Polish also, a couple years younger than Paul, but their families have known each other since before the kids were born), and I got the invitation a couple of weeks ago. It said that it's a hat party. Well, that should be fun, right? I have a few cute dresses to choose from.......but no hats to go with any of them. I LOVE hats, and have a TON of them, but none of them are "fancy" hats that would go with a dress.

Before I realized it, it was Thursday night and the shower is in two days! YIKES (at least I already have the gift! thankyouverymuch Macy's online!). So I decided rather than hunt various thirft stores for an overpriced hat that may or may not match one of my dresses (not to mention sometimes they're just a little musty smelling and "don't-touch-me-or-I'll-break-into-a-million-pieces" delicate, I'd make my own custom hat! Hat Couture (sorry, I know that was lame - 'hat'/'haute', you get it)

So off I went to JoAnns. Since I didn't have my dress with me, and wasn't even sure which one I'd wear (Depending on how fat or skinny I am, and the weather/temperature, and my mood), I got supplies for the hat in three different colors: forest green, navy, and dark taupe/beige.

I spent $20.75 on all the supplies. Here's what I used to create the hat:

-a kids sized foam visor: $1
-1 sheet of craft felt (eco-fi, made from recycled plastic bottles): $.72
-1/2 yard of shiny tulle (of which I used about 1/4 of): $.65
-a high temp glue gun (I only had a low temp one): $2.50
-a bag of mini glue sticks (I used 4): $2.50
-a fake Magnolia bloom (was 50% off): $2.50
-a fake cherry blossom bloom (or something like that, also 50% off): $1.99

Total price: $9.36 + tax (per hat, except of course the glue gun stuff you only buy once)

First I made a duplicate of the visor on some scratch card stock, so I could cut it up and play with how to make the actual hat form from the foam (say that 5 times fast).

Once I had figured out how I wanted the hat form to look, I used my template card stock to cut the foam, then glued it in place with my glue gun.

Then, I flipped it upside down and traced it on the wrong side of the felt, so I had a 1" boarder. I cut the felt out and used the glue gun to stretch, wrap, glue and repeat all the way around (of course doing the opposite ends first to avoid pulling and weird gathering). so then I had the basic hat form. (Save that scrap of left over felt for later, so you can cover the bottom side of the hat. you want it to look professional, right?)

Next, I cut out my tulle shapes. I wanted to do something a bit off center, with some body and volume, so I cut three different sized ovals, and gathered each one separately, (using the glue gun to "sew" at the gather. once the glue was dry, I had little veils). Then I sat in the mirror and played with positioning. After deciding on each one's position, I carefully glued it in place on the top side of the hat.

Once all three were complete, I grabbed my mag bloom, pulled it off the stem, cut the plastic part beneath it as short as possible, and then went back to the mirror to see where I wanted to position it. But FIRST, I pulled the big leaf off the stem and put that in place, so the flower had a base, and the hat had some contrasting color (otherwise it would be all white, cream and tan. blah!)

So, once you've got the mag (or other flower bloom) and leaf glued down, you can use your filler flower to fill in (duh) spots that either show a bit of glue, or show the base of your work. This way you add a pop of color, and some nice detailing that does double duty to cover your tracks!

Now, you're almost done. Take that left over felt, cover the bottom side of your, gluing it ALL OVER so that it really stays put. This is important because later you might need to use this as a base for bobby pins or a comb, to secure into your hair.

I however, took the stem from my filler flower, curved it into a headband, fit it to my head and cut it to the right length. It's already covered in floral tape, so it's a little sticky-ish, and it blends into most hair color (people are looking at the hat anyway, right?!) Then I sat in front of the mirror, AGAIN, and played with the position of the finished hat, atop the head band.

Once that was in place, I carefully took the hat with headband off, ran to the table. and traced the headband on the under side of the hat, so I can glue it later, if I decide to use the head band rather than bobby pins or a comb.

If you use bobby pins, then either get some that are going to blend in with your hat (you've done all this work, don't ruin the illusion with ugly bobby pins showing on the top of the hat) or you'll want to create little loops for the bobby pins to slide through using scraps of your felt on the bottom side of the hat.

Okay, without further ado, her are the pictures of the finished product (I promise to take more pictures when I'm wearing it, so you get the full effect):

This is the top view of the hat (above).

This is the back side of the hat....where most of the work would show, so I used my filler to cover it and act as a garnish to the major bloom (above).

This is the front/side of the hat (above). The tulle will sit over my left ear and side of my face. there are three layers of tulle, all in different positions and different sizes, you'll see when I post pics of me wearing it.

Okay, go and build!