Thursday, May 21, 2009

And another thing!

So in my house and at the condo, we have doors that sometimes need stopping! Like when we come back from Costco with arm loads of stuff, and we're running between the car and the lobby, then the lobby and the elevator, then the elevator and the hallway, and finally the hallway and the front door of the unit. (Phew! I'm out of breath just thinking about it!) These "Tube" door stops would be great for that, because they'll hold any door, they're small so I can put them in my car, purse or pocket, when needed, and they're COLORFUL so you wouldn't forget you put it there (unlike those ulgy old doorstops you remember from Sunday School, libraries or hospitals).

Then, for the screen door at the house, and other party like situations, I'd want something more design oriented, that is a bit whimsicle (sp? sorry), and old school, to fit with my eccletic style:

Like this hot little number, from Design Within Reach (or without reach, God, who's paying $100 for a doorstop again? remind me of where they live, so I can go steal this from their rich front porch).

I'm making that knot myself, and I'm doing it this weekend, with the help of my Eagle Scout boyfriend, and handyman brother in law. (Sorry guys, you're knot off the hook this weekend! ha Ha, get it? know? hook? yeah....................)

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