Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I like 'em thin!

My coffee cups, not my men!

I am sitting here drinking room temp tea (just the way I like it) out of this coffee mug from Target (it's white, plain, but I like it). However the thickness of the mug is so thick that sometimes I end up spilling or dribbling! YUCK! (not the way I like it!)

I find that women prefer thinner edges and men prefer thicker edges.....at least in my non-scientific sample which consists of me, Paul (the BF), my sister, her husband, my mom and her husband, and my dad.

What do you think? Thin, thick, or just don't care, skip the mug and hit me up with the IV?
(we all have those days!)

And if you're like me, love the thin ones, and are in the market, might I suggest the best darn thing since sliced bread - in the mug world that is. http://www.rosannainc.com/
Here's my latest obsession from Rosanna:

(Initally Yours from RosannaInc., a local Seattle tablewares maven)
Of course I would get the S for me and the P for Paul and the E for Emily...the list could go on. I just LOVE them.

I also have already received this fabulous set, but have yet to break it out (special occassions only, you know):

(Rococo Noir tea set from RosannaInc.)

I have the tea pot, as well as the cream and sugar set. Paul's wonderful parents, Marija and Piotr got this for me for Christmas this past year, and I could not be happier with it!

Me thinks it's time for a girls night! HA! (*shuffles off* time to plan a girls night in!)


  1. You can count one more female for thin. :) I love the black tea set - you should get the cake stands to go with.

  2. I tried to get the cake stands, but unfortunately they were all sold out, just my luck. They're so sexy! (If a cake stand can be sexy)