Thursday, July 2, 2009

Road Runner

This is not a design post. It's not a decor post. It's a post about running. And that's what I'm doing.

I've been doing a running program, a series of podcasts (audio file like a song but you can record your voice, for those of you who aren't familiar), where a man, Robert Ullrey, is my personal running trainer and buddy.

The program is 9 weeks long and called "Couch to 5K in 9 weeks." Today I will start week 7, and I'm feeling pretty darn good! So, realizing that the program will be over soon, I thought "I should find a 5K in the near future, so I have some other goal to work towards." See, doing the audio program was the goal in and of itself. And now that I'm almost done with the program, I want to keep going with a goal that will help me keep the pace and continue to get in better shape.

So I found the Irongirl Seattle, which hosts different levels of events, such as a 5K, 10K and marathon. I signed up for the 5K which is at Greenlake, on September 12th.

I already paid, so now I really do have to stick with it, because more than being out of shape, I hate wasting money!

The Irongirl website had it's own 5K prep course running program, and it's 8 weeks long, which is exactly how many weeks I'll have after I finish the current program, before my race.

If any of you are interested, here are the links to all the info (you can click the sentence or see the full link after that, they both go to the same location):

Couch to 5K podcast series:
Or you can get them straight off of iTunes.
Robert Ullrey (the guy who does the podcasts) website:
Irongirl Seattle:

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