Friday, July 10, 2009

Out door dining room

We're gonna have in, in our otherwise useless carport (which was SERIOUSLY made for a Model T, I'm not even kidding).

This weekend I'll be taking pictures and transforming our carport from BLAH, to FABULOUS!

Stay tuned for pictures. I'm going to take my estate sale picnic table find (a $22 investment, well worth it) and some estate sale bamboo rolling shades (a $3 gem if I do say so myself) and create some sweet lanterns (also estate sale goodies at $.25 each, and they're realy vintage).

You can see the Seattle skyline from our carport, and we're getting geared up for Emily's 27th birthday party (next weekend, girls only), so it's the perfect time to get it all set up! We're dividing the tasks and tackling the project. I'm in charge of sanding, cleaning and painting the table (might not paint just yet, depends on what's available to me), hanging the shades, making the lanterns, installing screws and hanging lanterns.

Em's in charge of sweeping out the carport, which is my death task, I hate it. With the passion of a thousand winds.

So, stay tuned for another great before and after!

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