Friday, August 28, 2009

Project 1: Part 2, this office doesn't suck anymore, but still, it needs some help!

I was just commenting on my Kat-mom's blog, When Girl Meets Science, because she had a post about a cute desk Kat wanted, and then I realized it's the desk that I installed in Paul's condo. So I went to send her the post about the before and after of the new desk situation and realized that I hadn't posted those pictures! Shame on me! So I popped in the disc that the pictures were on, only THEY WERE NOT THERE, BECAUSE I'M A FREAK AND DELETED THEM WITHOUT SAVING. way to go, Sampson, way to go.

So, continue to stay tuned, I must take pictures again, which means I'll have to clean that area up and pretend it's always clean, and take some good angle shots.

I promise to do it for real this time. Sorry.

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