Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

YAY! So excting. NOT.

I was not jazzed to turn another year older, but my peeps pulled through:

-my coworker, boyfriend and sister conspired, and got my sister to surprise me with Riley Bruce for lunch on my birthday. I was SO SURPRISED! What a great way to spend my day!!!!! Thanks to Kate, Paul and Lauren!

-Paul took me to Crow. SO GREAT. go now. I'll wait.

-Kate, Nathan and Riley got me my ever-sought-after game: Hungry Hungry Hippos

-Paul got me Twist and Spout, a great hat, and a mystery gift that hasn't shown up yet, but I'm pretty sure it's this.

-Lauren got me Cafe Du Monde from New Orleans.

-My coworkers surprised me with a birthday gathering complete with singing, candles a card and cupcakes from New York Cupcakes.

Many numerous birthday wishes were sent my way.

All in all, a great day, minus the rain.

Thanks to all, it was a good one to remember. :)


  1. Happy belated birthday, Siiri! It sounds like it was a great birthday. And you must stop with the "not jazzed to turn another year older" business - at least until you're as old as I am!!!