Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Last Friday of summer

Not to be a total Debbie Downer, but seriously, sad face, right?

So I thought I'd post some things that make me happy, and will make YOU happy:

Dino does Bainbridge. This was when we were puppysitting for Akash and Marissa. What a fun time!

St. Patty's Day Ri-guy. So precious!

Tiny Thatcher-poo. So good! Such a good pup!

My favorite: fudgesicle Ri-guy. I think this was his first one ever, and if I recall from Kate's blog post, he wasn't too pleased when she wouldn't let him have the whole thing. :) Shocker.

Okay, so I hope this cheers you up! It did for me, just as I was posting! We've got a big wedding this weekend, and we'll be all dressed up! I'll be sure to take fun decor related pictures of the venue, etc. (and clearly some pictures that are not decor related, but will be entertaining to say the least!)

Happy weekend,



  1. omg siir-mom, you need to post some new stuff asap! It's fall!

    May I recommend taking some time this weekend to take photos of your house (since I've never seen it) and give us all a little tour. Or do it with Paul's condo since you talk about that a lot on here and I've never gotten to see it either (I know, for SHAME).

    Pretty please?