Thursday, August 13, 2009

I was right, plus, then there were two!

Okay, so first, I get to say: I WAS RIGHT! about getting the Patricia Fields gloves for my birthday, and what's better? Even though usually when I get something like this that's even moderately fashion forward, Paul sometimes gives me the "what the hell is that?" look....or worse, we're watching something fashion related on TV and he'll say "God, that's ugly/awful/hideous." But this time he saw the gloves on my hands and said, "that's hot."
So SCORE, we both like them! Important since he bought them and will be seeing them on my hands ALL WINTER (which we all know lasts September to May here in Seattle).

Then, I scored another AWESOME bed frame on Craigslist (*heart*) for the condo this time.

It's a first cousin of the one I bought for my place, but with even better lines:

That's right, it's the Heimdal Queen sized bed from Ikea. And here's why it's so great:

1. minimal design, means it's pretty versatile

2. square headboard shape means I can make seasonal slipcovers for it

3. low footboard profile keeps the small room in the condo feeling pretty open still, won't tick Paul off

4. low footboard height won't bang Paul's feet since they hang off the end of the bed

5. metal finish is durable (paul proof), and slightly manly, so he won't feel like I'm "girling up the place" (not his words)

Stay tuned for before and after pictures

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