Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to Decorazzi!

This is my attempt at a 'welcome' post.

I'll try not to be trite in my explanation, but I'm not making any promises.

"Why are you doing ANOTHER blog, when so many are already out there, that ROCK?!"

Let's be frank, there are about a gazillion blogs out there about decorating, crafting, design, fashion, food, etc. But there are very few that cover all of it at once, in one location.

"So, why did you choose a decor name for the blog then?"

Because it's catchy, and catch all. The Papparazzi cover everything news worthy from scandalous politicans to Britney's nail polish color, and everything in between. So Decorazzi is my version of that; I'm covering everything from wall coverings to gluten free cake recipes, and every stitch between. Just let it happen, okay?

"Fine. What are you going to talk about then?"

A hodge podge really. Other awesome blogs that I'm inspired by, sweet Seattle area finds and locations for "I never knew I could get that here," and things I think others should know about or have the chance to take advantage of.

And from time to time, I'll endulge you with things from my personal life, like projects I'm doing at my house or my boyfriend's condo (which will be great because he totally freaks out on me when I change stuff, but then two days later he's like "that's great, thanks for doing that..."), pictures of my fabulous nephew and his mom (my older sister), pictures of me on trips or outtings, and of course info on the greatest deals and places when I travel.

It'll be a rocky start, but I'm positive I'll enjoy it, and if you ignore my horrible spelling, frequent dyslexia and lengthy quips, you might just find you enjoy it too.

So, sit down, strap yourself in, get a drink, put your feet up and let it happen.



  1. Look at you and your new blog! I was surprised you didn't have one in the first place - with all of your knowledge and expertise! It's off to a great start. Best of luck with it and I'll definitely drop by to see you. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment! It's funny because I read so many other great blogs but don't really know how to get a following started on mine! Any suggestions?