Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Headboard? What headboard?

Sometimes I'm pretty sure I'm still in my freshman year of college, because I have this piece of crap bed frame that I think we found out back near the dumpsters of the apartment building I used to live in....classy, I know.

I'm hell bent on finding a cheap bed frame that is also beautiful, but I'm having this internal dilemma between making the frame myself, or holding out to find one on Craigslist. So far, the holding out hasn't worked so well. My thought was to create something neat from materials at the local salvage yard, SecondUse, that way it'd be custom and if I ruined it, I wouldn't be out a lot of cash, just a lot of my time.

But then I saw this article (also on Sunset.com): http://www.sunset.com/home/decorating/great-ideas-for-headboards-00400000039992/page17.html

This one is great, it's an old pocket door that they reclaimed, super dramatic. just like me. (at least I admit it)

I like this wooden one, for many reasons, it's so masculine, but they still have that woman's touch with the nook.

Does anyone have any great beds to show off? What about sources for frames or materials?

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