Thursday, June 11, 2009

I wish I was 6 again,

because if I was, then I could use this RAD toothfairy kit.

Unfortunately, the only way I'm going to loose teeth again is poor hygene or a bar fight. Short of those two options (and really not wanting to have to go through either in order to use this kit) I think I'll buy for the Ri guy:

Yes, this is really him, and yes, he is really this cute...thanks to my sister, Kate, and her family blog, I got to post this cutest pic from our time in Lake Chelan over Memorial Day weekend.
Now, go lose some teeth people!

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  1. Hello fellow bloggie, a quick hi and to let you know I presented you with an award, so visit tinkalicious to claim it, (or not)! I know some people are outawarded (is that even a word), and do not want to be bothered accepting any more, I get it and won't take offense (it can be time consuming to fulfill, I know). Anyway, hope you have a terrif weekend and see ya next week! tinks