Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well, it's already here, and I can't believe another year has passed! Today Paul and I celebrate our 4 year anniversary (of our first date).

I just couldn't be happier. He makes me a better person when I'm around him, and he makes me want to be a better person when I'm around others! He sent the most fragerant (sp?) bouquet of red red RED roses and white white WHITE lilies, my faves.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy, while I enjoy the flowers in my office.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you where we went for dinner, and what we gave each other as gifts!

At a wedding of some family friends, July 2007.

A great trip to Vancouver, BC. As usual, with coffee in hand from our favorite coffee shop, which of course I can't remember the name of right now.....I'm obviously over-caffinated, and Paul is under-caffinated. I think it's right after our 3 days in Whistler during April of 2007.

At my favorite Seattle restaurant, Purple Cafe, for my surprise 25th birthday party. Paul did such a great job, I was SO surprised, I cried. that's me, crying, but smiling. August 2007.

Out and about with Em, on a Friday night at Chapel, in Seattle, April 2009.

I think our second white water rafting trip, so must be on the Skykomish River, circa May 2007.

This past Chirstmas season, 2008, getting our tree out of the forrest. This is Paul's tree, which turned out to be really curvy, and not in a good way. But it had it's Charlie Brown charm.....that is, until one day it keeled over and died on us, while we were gone, and came home to the tree fallen over, ornaments everywhere, and water soaking into the hard woods. Good times.

Another great trip to Vancouver, BC, sometime around September of 2008? Having dessert and coffee at an Italian Jazz club in the Gaslamp District.

At Rachel's wedding, September 2007, in Massachusetttes. We match, it's true.

At a Oregon Ducks game, at Autzen Stadium, sometime around October 2007, before Kate and I went to China for the first time. GO DUCKS!

New Years 2008/2009.

With my siblings, Jessica and (her husband) Brian, New Years eve, 2008/2009.

At our wonderful friends, Lincoln and Corina's wedding, last July (2008). Now they're expecting to be parents soon!

At a wedding earlier this winter, circa February 2009, at the beautiful New Castle Golf Club

just recently at a wedding, June 2009

In our second city, Vancouver, BC, on one of many trips, enjoying Stanley Park. circa 2006

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