Monday, April 5, 2010


You know you want it:

Check out the hottest new decor lighting item, that will literally allow to you change the room with the tap of a remote:

From now until April 18th, you can enter to win this fabulous beauty. And, in case you're wondering how I know it's so hot? It's because they sent me one to test out! SWEET! While you're waiting to win it for yourself, you can follow my journey of trying it out in my fabulous new Seattle Apartment (that I'm still currently moving into, but no worries! I'm still taking this over to try out in the various rooms!

Below you see the shot from the kitchen, into the dining and living rooms. It looks small in this picture, but it's a pretty decent sized space.

Of course the 80's light is going. To be replaced with a chandeleir, ASAP. But I have to get the furniture in first!

Here it is fresh out the box!

Here's me getting all excited when it arrived at my office!

So, first up will be me putting it in the living room, when I get the couch in there, and also I think I'll try it in the entry way, when I get my console set up (all happening this weekend!)

Don't wait for my posts about how good it looks! GO WIN ONE PEOPLE!

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