Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yeah, probably.

I may or may not have just ordered the following *HINT: I DID*

(Tall Saturday Pant in Shell) $19.99

(Herringbone field pant in Military green) $19.99

(Vintage Matchstick Cord in both Graphite - shown - and Eucalyptus) $19.99 each.

Why did I do this? Because I can, and because Spring is right around the corner, and in Seattle that means you can break out the vintage Burberry Trench she gave you, put away your Jcrew wool peacoat with Thinsulate, and start wearing colors other than denim and black.
Also, I deserve it.
Also, I'm losing weight from all the running prepping for the Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon, so I need some cute pants I can wear to work as we move towards Spring and Summer this year.
Plus, they were all on clearance. So whether or not they fit when I get them in the mail, I'll be busting ass in the gym (in the work out way - not the way where you don't want to stand next to me..... IF you know what I mean) to make it happen.


  1. I just have to follow up to say they arrived in the mail yesterday. I took them home, they are so cute, look great in person, and BIG SURPRISE: they FITTTTTTTTTTTTTT! I'm so excited and proud of myself for sticking with it. Although the past couple of weeks haven't been good at the gym, I'm not getting down on myself!